How I LOVE having a Frisbee-Crazed dog!!!! Don’t know who loves it more, Shasta or me?

She has amazing eyes, Debbie!

After playing in the snow together Monty just couldn’t wait for his best friend (Mr Broccoli) to dry.

They are so cute, Darren!

Faith, (photo by our friend Mary Arango) who captured this shot of Faith absolutely flying as she runs.  I love how her back paws are completely turned up to the sky.  She is seriously fast and revels in running.

Wow, Sharon!

We missed being able to post Gavin on Leap Day last year. :(

So, a happy before Leap Day!

We made a holiday up just for him, Linda. :)

Monty and his best friend Mr Broccoli. Monty was adopted 10 months ago and formed a HUGE bond with Mr Broccoli the stuffed teddy, he is his security blanket. Monty carries him on walks, they sleep together, basically where-ever Monty goes Mr B has to go too.

He is too cute, Darren!