Squirrels don’t take summer vacations. So neither does Robbie.

Such dedication, Marti. ;)

McBride and Dacy think there is nothing better than beach side in Alaska.

I’m inclined to agree, Bill. Must be beautiful!

Here is Keeko and her very own Prince Charming Charlie. They met recently and sat beautifully for Charlie’s owner Linda who took this lovely photo in her garden in St Cyrus, Scotland.

How sweet, Moyra and Linda!

Not much shade under the Mandavilla, Hidalgo.
Sheltie by pink flowers
But makes a lovely picture, Jan!

5 month old Molly (front) made her first visit to the beach at Lincoln City, Oregon with Emma, Annie, and Ben.

Shelties on beach

:) Rick

We finally had a sunny day! Hidalgo needs a pair of sunglasses.

Sheltie in sunVery cool, Jan. ;)