What a joy it is to take a quiet walk through the woods with my best friend Denver on a beautiful summer day.

Memorable moments, Debbi. :)

Elliot dips his toebeans in the Itchetucknee River.


Florida summer fun, Donna!

This is my fur baby Daisy Mae. She is 10.5 yrs old but having a lot of health problems lately. One of which is bad arthritis in her knees and a spinal issue that greatly hinders her walking ability. For years we’ve been visiting this part of the coast in Maine and in the past she could manage to walk down to the water by herself, but that hasn’t been the case for the last few years. With all her health problems lately, I wanted to take her down to the shore and let her bark at the little waves she loves so much. So I carried her a good 30ft down to these rocks just to snap one of these rare photos of her!


What a wonderful Sheltie mom you are, Sue!

She looks so happy!