This photo shows the first day little MacGregor came home & met Molly for the first time.  It looks like she is sizing him up, but rest assured MacGregor & Molly are now best of friends!

MacandmollyWhat a little fuzz ball, Nancy!

Moe says: “I swear, it wasn’t me, it was the gingerbread man.”GuiltyToo funny Dianne!

Sheltie Nation member Jennifer & her Sheltie Jerry live in Brazil.

Regardless of where a Sheltie calls home or what language their human speaks, the Sheltie “look” is universal.
Jerry6What a “trooper” Jennifer! I think Jerry deserves a cookie for being such a good sport.  :)

What’s the only one thing to get 4 Shelties to look the same way at once?

A sheep?… Nah, more likely someone saying “anyone want a cookie!?!”

From left to right: Sally, her mother Moriah, Lauren, & Winnie.

Spot on Glen!  ;)

Vicki shared this beautiful photo & her feelings about her assistance dog, Killian.

“He understands so much about me, and is always there for me with his unconditional love.  He jumps up to where ever I am and lays his head in my lap till he feels that I am going to be OK.”

KillianWe have all seen it, that look of “nobility” or “purpose” that
Shelties often show.  Well, here is proof – Killian knows he is special!

Thank you, Vicki!

Don’t you just love the expressions that Sheltie’s faces are capable of?  Who could resist Dustee’s soft little eyes melting your heart?
Fanatics4Dale & Pat do flyball with Dustee.  Check out his action shot!