This is Bunny, a 11-1/2 month, very tiny (7-1/2 pounds) Sheltie.
She is so small, her mom had to take a bunch of stuffing out of this bed so she wouldn’t roll off!
BunnyVery sweet face Diane!

Gee, what do you think Buster wants?  Pats, cookie, to go outside, or to give you a kiss?

How about all of the above?

BusterfWe know you gave in Andy.  :)

Sheltie Nation member Jorge reports:  Luna gets a bath every couple of weeks after coming from the dog park.  She’s so tired after a weekend of playing that we have to wrap her in her blanket and lay her on a pillow so that she can stay warm while she’s drying off and napping.

Looks like Luna has a rough life! ;)

Pumba, a Sheltie princess from the Netherlands, surveys her new surroundings (& and subjects).

What a face, Tanja!

Not only will a Sheltie steal your heart, they will steal your pillow!

Duncan has made himself quite at home, Tatha!

This photo shows the first day little MacGregor came home & met Molly for the first time.  It looks like she is sizing him up, but rest assured MacGregor & Molly are now best of friends!

MacandmollyWhat a little fuzz ball, Nancy!