Rain as far as the eye can see. Sigh

The sun will come out in a few more days, Hidalgo.

Sheltie in chair

I’m sure cookies are a sure fire way to lighten the mood, Jan! ;)

Kobe gets all silly when his mom tells him he is adorable.

Shelties in park

And Caleb owns it, Margaret. :)

Toonie is cheering for Canada, but just not so sure about wearing a jersey. :/

Sheltie in Canadian jersey

But very cute, Carolyn! :)

My name is Kobi and I’m the current sheltie ambassador at Sheltie Shack Rescue. We operated Sheltie Shack Rescue of Kansas for 15 years before moving to Table Rock Lake in Missouri in January of 2016. I am now 6 years old (yes, I was a rescued and got to stay even though Mom said it wasn’t because I was a good boy, humph). I’m a high energy tiny tot at 13#’s and favorite jobs are bunny, bird and squirrel patrol and helping feed the 5 rescued mini horses. I could play fetch 24-7 and love letting the wind blow in my face while riding in the Ranger (of course, I am seat belted in as I might see one of those critters I monitor.) I also get to sit in my Ranger when mom takes me fishing behind our house. Sadly, she won’t let me run around, bummer.

Sheltie on 4 wheeler

He looks happy, Linda!