When company from Arizona arrives and spoils the “grand Shelties”.

Bailee, Pretzel and Penny are good teachers, Jan! ;)

Missy, looking for her pictures on Sheltie Nation. She has come to recognize pictures of Shelties on my Mac screen, and loves to join me when I look at Sheltie Nation every morning for my daily smile.

Hope she isn’t too confused this morning, Wendy! :))

Lexi and Kira are waiting for a favorite person to come home. They don’t understand why they don’t get to go.

But a happy reunion to come, Leanne!

My name is Cody. I was born in Oklahoma but raised in New Orleans. I take excellent care of my humans – always on guard for dangerous things like garbage trucks and mailmen. I chase them all away. You should see that garbage truck go!

:) Peggy