This has got to be one of my top 10 favorite submissions to Sheltie Nation.  Little Patrick is so cute – but what makes the photo even more endearing is the story behind it.

Sheltie Nation member, Ron tells us: “In this photo, Patrick is waiting for a magic treat.  I play a game where I put a doggie treat on a dog statue next to the sofa when he is not looking. He thinks it just appears *magically* so he is waiting for it to show up once again.”

343600824_6e0c65f201LOL…love his little paws peeking out…ready to pounce!

With a glazed over look… oh where shall I sniff first?  This is Sheltie Heaven!
Things_october_2006_050Thx to Jess & her Sheltie Laddie, the great explorers.

Shelties are great for pointing out anything that is out of the ordinary on your floor.  Drop something – they stare.  See an insect – they stare.  Dust bunny rolling by – they stare.  (The list goes on & on.)  I’ve witnessed my Shelties watch a bug march right across the floor in front of them.  Of couse then then the dogs look at me like, so, aren’t you gonna get that?
LookdownTanja, I think Askan, Sunny & Peggy think there is definitely something  down there!  :)