Laddie simply does not like Jamie the cat in his area… here’s a clip of 4 mo. old Laddie with his own solutions to various cat problems:
1. If I remove my bed, then Jamie can’t sleep in it.
2. If I tear up my bed, Jamie will never again sleep in it.
3. If I give Jamie the cat “what for”, he’ll leave my area forever.
4. If I remove my two rugs, then Jamie can’t sleep on those either.

Funny what goes through a Sheltie’s mind!

What a good girl Robin is…waiting for permission to have that tasty carrot.  :)CarrotHope you gave her 2 for being so good, Rae!

Jorge tells us that in this photo,Luna is ready to pounce.  I think he is kidding us…how could something so cute & innocent be up to no good?


Here is 9 months old Chase, barking at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. Lynn, Chase’s owner, suspected he was protesting because she wouldn’t let him go play with the dogs that were doing a Flyball presentation.BarkingA Sheltie has to express their feelings somehow right, Lynn?