Eiley was adopted from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis, MO in 2016.

Sheltie smiling

Lucky you Angela to get such a ham!

A recent study indicates that dogs use facial expressions-especially eyebrows to manipulate us.

Laona Mae: “Really, they needed a study to figure that out?”

Sheltie expression

Of course! Right, Jenny? ;)

We overnighted at a lovely hotel en route to Hopkinsville KY for the eclipse.

Annie Laurie, who is 15 years old and loves a road trip, was utterly delighted with the accommodations!

Sheltie happy

Such a happy girl, Chris!

Miah loves going through the drive-through (and loves her pup cup that her dad gets her every time) because she is just so awesome and totally deserves it!!!

Sheltie in car

No, not spoiled at all, Jim! ;)