Connor loves to be under my desk at my feet, lying on what must be uncomfortable wires.

He’s content to be anywhere you are, Jackie. ;)

Dusty is such a happy little Sheltie. He makes us all smile, every single day.

He makes us all smile too, Gerry! :))

Here is my Cooper on a recent backpacking trip. We started taking him backpacking/hiking/camping, not knowing how he would behave, or how he would enjoy it. It turns out he loved it and was a really good boy! He also slept really really well at night in the tent.

The smile says it all, Kim!

Shasta and Soleil have a blast together. Can you tell?

Those happy smiles, Debbie! :)

Kenji is 13 and still going strong.  He’s a charmer and the ladies love him. 

With that smile we’re sure everyone loves Kenji, Sue!