A cute Sheltie puppy, lying on it’s back – smiling up at you.  What could be cuter than that?Mav13Thanks Carrie, my day is now complete!

Casey says: “You are not going to make me get up, right?  I’m really comfy.” (Insert Sheltie smile)CaseypapasanToo funny Linda!

LOL…even Sheltie photos don’t always come out perfect.  Although, photos like these are much cuter.

PepperYour right Amy, looks like a smile to me too!  :)

Doesn’t Bryson look like the type who is always up to something?

BrysonTammy, looks like you might have your hands full with that little one! :)

I can’t decide what part of Lucky’s picture I like best.

Is it his big, soft eyes, fuzzy ears, Sheltie Smile, or those crossed paws?LuckySuper, super sweet, Colleen!