This is Lupi, he is a 6 month old Sheltie that lives in Brazil and loves parks!

Welcome to Sheltie Nation, Stefano and Lupi! :)

Now you know the answer to that!

Beau is enjoying a pleasant day in Michigan.

We can tell by the twinkle in his eye, Gloria! ;)

Skipper was adopted from Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue when he was 7 months old. A puppy mill rescue; he’s come a long way since then. He knows how good he’s got it.
He has a bed in the kitchen, one in the dining room, 2 in the living room (one facing our way to watch us watch TV, and one facing the other way looking out the patio door.) And of course a special space in the bedroom. A rescue should be pampered!

Happy Birthday to Jodi’s Mom! ;)

I understand if you can’t publish ALL the photos I send of my photogenic puppy Shasta now 5 months old…but I can’t help but send them!

But he is so happy and has such beautiful eyes. Keep sending, Debbie! ;)