Sparky is hiking up a steep little mountain next to Playa Coyote in Baja California. He is a great hiker and rock scrambler. Sparky is seven years old and has spent all seven winters in Baja California where he hikes, kayaks and paddle boards with his family.

Is Sparky part mountain goat, Stephen? :)

Macy, the full-time boat dog, decided to try her paw at driving today. She knows that she must pay close attention to the electronic navigation system. Over the past year, she has earned her “sea paws,” traveling from FL to the Bahamas & back up to New England.

Fantastic fun, Helene & Richard!

Driving from Florida back to Virginia, Buddy Two Shoes (a rescue from Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue) found a friend in Florence SC veterans park and was trying to figure out what it was looking at.

But looking very regal while confused, Joyce!

There is a nice breeze and it’s 10 degrees cooler on the Summit of Mt Equinox in VT.

Ricky and Laona Mae are sporting a fabulous wind blown look, Jenny!

Macy, the full-time live aboard boat dog tries so very hard to help, but she needs to work on her rope coiling skills. Maybe some thumbs would help! She loves her life aboard & has traveled from New England to FL to the Bahamas & all the way back again over the past year.

Such fun, Helene & Richard!