Our Missy is a wonder.  Smart (house trained by me in just three days!)  Funny (I like to dance and she dances around me and sings/barks), Sweet (she likes to cuddle), Obedient (always tries to please). I made her promise to live long and healthy.  Missy’s chapter is just unfolding, so we will keep you posted.

She is adorable with her min-me, Wendy!

Izzy’s first birthday! Izzy is in the bandana and almost 10 year old Myla is in the princess hat. They are just happy that they got yummy doggie cake after this picture!

Sorry we are a little late in posting, Tyler! :)

I just can’t get these guys to pose when I want them to, they are well on their way to 13. Here “the look” says Daisy, sit for your supper not sing OR lay down. Now where’s dinner?

They try, Anita. ;)