Last year, my hydrangea bush managed only ONE flower all season. This year, it’s alive with gorgeous blooms. I wanted to take a picture of it, and Sprite decided to photo-bomb the flowers! She’s so photogenic that I didn’t mind.

So beautiful, Ann!

This has been circulating out on the web and it’s too cute not to share. If you know these Shelties and their human let us know! ;)

The sweetest, gentlest and funniest little guy. His name (Japanese) translates into something like “bright little thing that enchants everyone he meets”.
It fits!

It certainly does, Marti! <3

Ever wonder where we got inspiration for one of the most popular Sheltie Nation categories?

Beau has that Sheltie expression in spades, Gloria!

Fergus is heading the march for cookies with Lily Francis and Shelby in tow.

They don’t miss a thing, Valerie!