Keeko in her first snowfall at the start of the year at Arbroath, Bonnie Scotland. She really had so much fun even when the snow reached up to her belly!

Keeko is ready to have fun in any weather, right Moyra?

Flash and Blaze spend New Year at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.

Get the haggis and porridge on, Alison. We’re all coming over!

Trevor says, “Kara, you look really silly with that bow on your head.” Kara says, “I had a lamp shade but it was too big.”
Trevor is from Sheltie Shack Rescue, and Kara is from Heartland Sheltie Rescue.

What a pair! Kudos and hugs for adopting, RoseMary!

There is a custom here in Texas that on New Year’s Eve, and especially at midnight, that folks blow off fireworks. Lots of fireworks.  Like World War III fireworks.

Well Deacon doesn’t like it one bit.  He decided to hide in the pillows on the couch and give me his opinion via Stink-eye.

Well I guess he expects you to fix things, Jim!