Beckon and Layla sure are happy that Shelties don’t have to social distance!

We are glad too, Chris! ;)

Adele peaking in the office at me. If the office door is closed but not latched, she will push it open with her nose just enough to see in, but not enough to come into the room. Adele is from Long Island Shetland Sheepdog Rescue.

Cute…and hugs for adopting, Shirley!

Missy always looks for ways to help me with housework.  One of her favorite chores is helping remove pillow cases and sheets off our bed for laundry.  She does however always manage to check out the “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest Sheltie of all”.  Missy, of course.

Such a gorgeous girl, Wendy!

After a lovely romp through the sprinklers…

Toby doesn’t mind being dried off :-)

Too cute, Ann!