I must be nostalgic this week.  So in memory of Bentley (the second Sheltie in my life) & his birthday, I am posting what I think is THE cutest photo of him. I took this photo in June 1988, when I snuck up on my dad & little Bentley taking a nap on the floor with my mom.Bentley1Bentley was such a butterball at 8 weeks.  We debated naming him something like Bear (or jokingly “wide load”), but with Shelties, we felt you really need a more dignified sounding name.  Bentley grew up to be a *tad* over-sized :)  … weighing over 50 lbs (& he wasn’t overweight!)

Miss you Bentley (aka: Bennie Boo)

Here are three lucky Shelties on vacation in the Great Smokie Mountains
of North Carolina last August.  Check it out…Mount Sheltie!

They hiked up to the top from the Ranger
Station 3 miles below!!! That’s (l to r) Moriah, Linus, and Chrissy.

Mountsheltie2OK, OK here is the original…:)

MountsheltieHappy “Sheltie” April Fools day & thanks to Glen for the submission!

Doesn’t Bryson look like the type who is always up to something?

BrysonTammy, looks like you might have your hands full with that little one! :)

This has got to be one of my top 10 favorite submissions to Sheltie Nation.  Little Patrick is so cute – but what makes the photo even more endearing is the story behind it.

Sheltie Nation member, Ron tells us: “In this photo, Patrick is waiting for a magic treat.  I play a game where I put a doggie treat on a dog statue next to the sofa when he is not looking. He thinks it just appears *magically* so he is waiting for it to show up once again.”

343600824_6e0c65f201LOL…love his little paws peeking out…ready to pounce!