Don’t you just love the expressions that Sheltie’s faces are capable of?  Who could resist Dustee’s soft little eyes melting your heart?
Fanatics4Dale & Pat do flyball with Dustee.  Check out his action shot!

I’m sure some of you are wondering where I developed my love of Shelties…It’s thanks to my first dog, Buddy.  He was an absolute saint; having put up with all my silly adventures.KellybuddyCirca 1975 – Wasn’t I cute & oh so fashionable?  :)

Want to increase traffic to your blog?  Post really cute pictures and video of Sheltie puppies.  ;)

So, are you ready for your daily dose of Sheltie cuteness?

Shelties do a great job of “pre-warming” beds for human use.  Just be aware that your Sheltie bed warmer will expect you to share.  :)AskansleepLooks like Askan is doing his job well, Tanja!