GroomingLet’s start by saying this is a good question to confirm with your veterinarian, but baring any medical reason, the response would be: You should not remove large amounts of hair from a Sheltie.

The Shetland Sheepdog carries 2 coats. The inner coat is used to keep them warm in the winter and the outer coat is used to protect their skin from the sun. In the summer time the inner coat is shed, leaving mostly the outer coat which helps to insulate them from the heat and protect their skin from the sun.

If you completely shave your Sheltie, you will give them sunburn. What you want to do is keep the coat regularly combed and brushed, paying special attention to the undercoat. (Keep a spray bottle of water available when brushing, as Sheltie coats should be brushed when damp.) In double-coated breeds like the Sheltie, the soft undercoat can mat into a mess that looks and feels very much like felt. It’s essential to strip out the undercoat with frequent brushing – or regular trips to a professional groomer – to keep these mats from forming. Remember, matted fur hurts!

Besides, the long hair is one of the Shetland Sheepdog’s most appealing features. Why would you want to mess with that?

Thanks to Judy, Scott & their Sheltie Shiraz for the great grooming shot!

2 Responses to “Can I Shave My Sheltie?”

  1. Kim Losh

    A new groomer, to my dismay, cut the top coat off down to the undercoat of my 10 year old Sheltie. Do you know if this will grow back? If it will grow back can I comb her or bathe her until it does?

    • Rosie caldwell

      It grows back. And I regularly shave my shelti to 1-2 inches. She has chicken allergies plus other types…we are not happier these last 3 years without all those knots of hair on her and around the house


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