I suppose everyone has their own pet peeves about how a Sheltie should look. But I am here to tell you about one of mine.

The feet seem to be the one area of a Sheltie that just gets overlooked. Not only is it an eyesore on such a beautiful animal…but it is bad for their feet and legs.Badfoot1This foot isn’t as bad as some, but a good trimming is in order.Badfeet2This poor dog will have foot problems if his nails are left unclipped. The longer the nails get, the farther back on the paw the dog has to walk, putting added strain on their tendons.Badfeet3Hair is overgrown. Snow, rocks, mud and ice will all stick to this dogs furry feet.Badfeet4Ahhhh, much better…nails & fur trimmed up around and under the paws.

By keeping the nails and fur short, your Sheltie will be much happier and healthier…and doesn’t it look so much better? Now get out there & trim those Sheltie feet!

Check out http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/ClientED/dog_nails.aspfor a detailed explanation of how to cut a dog’s nails. It has some great photos, but you are on your own with trimming the hair. ;) One tip for easy paw hair trimming – this small, cordless trimmer is great for trimming around paw pads!

Courtesy of the Central IL Sheltie Rescue

Thanks to Gina & the Pet Connection Blog for the tipoff to the Washington State University website.

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