Everybody’s just standing around, nobody talking to one another, nobody talking to me…

Shelties in birthday hatsCelebrating the sisters’ 3rd birthday in style, on the beach in Ontonagon MI.

Tuna brownie cake and biscuits were on the menu!

Lyla, Pippa, Stoli, Stickeen (honorary sheltie), Victor, Zeppelin, Seamus. Lyla and Pippa were the birthday girls!

What an amazing picture, Becky!


Here are a couple of pictures from Taylor’s 15 birthday party.

Not sure she was thrilled with the hat, but the yummy cake made up for it as you can tell!

Taylor is a wonderful dog to live with – she is the queen of the house!

15 never looked so good, Linda!

Royce turned 13 back in September! Brighton was on hand to help him celebrate. ;)

(Oh no, not the hats!)

But wait, it’s not so bad, right?  I see cookies!

Hats AND cookies for all, Michele!  ;)

Autumn and her friends partied for her 10th birthday.

Cake, bobbing for biscuits, sprinkler fun, find the treat game and more!

Looks like everyone had a blast, Lisa!  :)

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday sweet Denver, happy birthday to you!

Luke, Denver, Callie & Meg can’t wait to dive in!

Fabulous goodies for all Debbie!