SashiThis wonderful new children’s book has been written by Linda Greiner and illustrated by Morgan Spicer of Bark Point Studio. Linda is generously donating a portion of the sale proceeds to Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of New Jersey.

Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie tells the true story of a little Sheltie who does what came naturally – she “herds” everything that moves. Because her original family does not understand, she is left at a shelter and cowers in the back of the cage, not knowing what she did wrong. Adopted through Sheltie Rescue, her new family helps Sashi overcome her rocky start in life and she blossoms into the confident, happy dog she was meant to be!

Sashi’s book is in hard cover and retails for $14.95. Bonus: All books will be shipped with a special bookmark that has two illustrations by Morgan Spicer.  Please note: rescues should contact Linda directly for discounted pricing.

Visit for a sneak peak of some wonderful illustrations and to place your order. Expected availability is November 24th, 2014. These will make a great gift – just in time for the holidays!

Sparky sees his human looking into pages of books and thought he would look for himself.


Uh oh, Steve & Nan!

Daddy says, “Most folks got a north star in their life—something that gives their life extra meaning. Mine is music.”

Without even thinking, I say, “Mine is Tam.”

Abby knows that Tam, her Shetland Sheepdog, is her north star, and she’s pretty certain she’s his, too. But when an accident separates Abby and Tam, it feels as though all the stars have fallen out of the sky and nothing will ever be right again. As the days between them turn to weeks, then months, dangers and changes fill up Abby’s and Tam’s lives. Will they ever find their way home to each other?

Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, A Dog’s Way Home is an unforgettable tale of the many miles, months, and mountains that divide two loyal friends—but that can’t possibly keep them apart.

The books author Bobbie Pyron, has generously donated 2 signed copies to be raffled off here on Sheltie Nation!

Bobbie calls A Dog’s Way Home “my own personal love letter to all the great, classic dog books I’ve read and loved—and to all the dogs I’ve loved too.” As a part-time librarian, Bobbie enjoys sharing dog stories and books of all kinds with readers. Bobbie is also the author of The Ring, a teen novel about the world of competitive boxing.

When she’s not writing, working as a librarian, or volunteering with animal rescue organizations, Bobbie and her dogs Boo, Teddy, and Sherlock can often be found walking in the woods of Park City, Utah, with her husband, Todd.

To enter to win! Just email and put “way home” as the topic. (Contest is only open to those with a USA mailing address & ends Saturday, March 12th, 2011 at noon EST.)

Congrats to Sue C. & Jan H. for winning a copy of the book!

SuperheroSuperheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they even look like small, fluffy dogs!

Author P.T. Custard was inspired to write Kid Canine-Superhero! after watching her Sheltie, Dill, playing in the yard while she mowed the lawn.  He methodically moved all his toys out of the way of the mower as though saving them from certain doom.  His look of utter satisfaction for a job well done led the author to imagine Dill fancied himself a superhero.

Written to entertain and inspire the young, old, and everyone in between, Kid Canine-Superhero!is illustrated in the style of a comic book.  The bold, colorful drawings bring the reader into Dill’s imaginary superhero world!

The author has graciously donated 2 books for raffle here at Sheltie Nation, so enter today!

About the author and illustrator:  P.T. Custard is the author of award
winning educational children’s books used in classrooms throughout the
U.S.  Her other other books include Jules the Lighthouse Dog, also available from Black Plume Books

To enter to win: Send an email to: and put “superhero” as the topic & your mailing address in the body. (Contest ends Monday, November 30th, 2009 at noon EST.)

Congrats to winners Holly in Portland, ME and Sue in Troy, NY!