Carrie This is Carrie, a rescue dog that I fostered for the last couple months.  She’s 9 years old and was in some type of puppymill-like place.  Fortunately, she found her way to Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue here in Memphis, which I help out by fostering dogs on occasion. 

Carrie was quite shy at first, but she always enjoyed a good ear scratch and belly rub once she allowed you to approach her (or her to approach you).  The attached photo is the blue-eyed stare that began to happen regularly when I would stop the ear scratching. 

I no longer have her in my “pack” (I got quite attached to her and was afraid I would adopt another one), so another volunteer is fostering her now.

Hugs to you Mark for fostering!  I can see why you were getting sucked in!  OK Sheltie Nation members…who wants a blue-eyed guilt tripper!  LOL

UPDATE: Carrie has been adopted.  :)