“This is a picture of my Shadow, who has since gone over the rainbow bridge, and my Grandson Lee.  He though playing in Shadow’s crate was so much fun…even falling out and putting that big bump on his head didn’t stop him! I had to bribe Shadow to climb in there with him, as he wasn’t too thrilled to share his space with a wild child.”Very patient Sheltie, Janet!

I would love for you to meet Cooper.  He is a 4 year old Sheltie. I always say, which is shown in this picture, that Cooper loves his crate.  Of course he was crate trained as a puppy and he still feels warmth and comfort in this place.  Cooper would love to have his picture on Sheltie Nation so he can show all new sheltie moms and dads that even though puppies may bark and resist their crate they will find great appreciation for it in the future.  Happy Sheltie Training!!!!!

Excellent reminder, Emily!

Sparx & Lucy are probably thinking this is a strange looking crate?

(Sheltie Nation Member Andrew assures us that their fur kids were just put in here for a joke!)

Snickers doesn’t want to get out of bed.  I don’t blame him; I hate Monday too. :)  But cheer up Snickers, it is only 7 days until Halloween!
78988885_a65ba09813Too funny Bruce!