Do you know how hard it is to get a baby deer and a Sheltie to look the same direction?
Deer2Nope Steve, can’t say I’ve had the experience! ;)

PansyLoosing a Sheltie is never easy, but it seems somehow the dog we have lost’s personality peaks through in other dogs we love.

My beloved, stunningly beautiful AND willful blue-merle Sheltie sole/soul mate, Pansy, suddenly died & joined her ‘Daddee’ (my late husband) in heaven this past Mother’s Day – eight years TO THE DAY that I received her as my 7-week old first-ever baby. 

A few days after her passing it literally tore my heart out to see deer confidently grazing not only in “her” wooded back yard but at her fiercely guarded FRONT yard!

JesseUnable to exist without Sheltie LOVE, I’d adopted a terrified, recently orphaned 9-year-old bi-blue boy.  My gentle Jesse quickly learned the meaning of the word, “DEER!”  He has even found a clever place to lay unseen to patiently await his noisy ambush!

Jess especially enjoys the attention that follows, when his “new” mama lovingly picks & brushes out all the damp mulch, twig and leaf bits tangled in his fur… along with all her kisses. :)

Beautiful dogs & beautiful gardens, Daria.  Congrats on finding Jesse!