I am a quilter and often lay my works in progress on the family room floor to check them out/reassess. Leland invariable comes over to lay on them. When it’s a bed-size quilt, you might not think it’s intentional, but you sure can tell with this small piece that he meant it!

Oh the Sheltie guilt comes in many forms, right Sue? :)

This is a picture of our Sheltie Sara Jane.  We have a special pantry room where we put our garbage, and we don’t allow her to go in there. This picture was taken on a day I caught her, and she knew she wasn’t supposed to be in there!  I picked her up and carried her into the kitchen, sat her down, and had a talk with her.  The whole time she knew she had done wrong.  I thought this was just the cutest thing; ran and got my camera and took a picture!
SaraLOL…Shelby!  We all know *THAT* look!