Happy is a Norcalsheltierescue success story.

Four years ago, she would have been far too uptight to go upside down, never mind the goofy grin!

She is nine lovely years old now and people still ask if she is a puppy.


Hugs to you for adopting, Janea!

My husband and I enjoy reading aloud together, especially the Harry Potter series.
Potter1Happy loves to curl up between us, listen to the story for awhile then drift away into her own story land.

Potter2Well, we all know Shelties are magical, right Susan?  :)

Back in 1979 I found a beautiful year old sheltie at the Manchester, NH dog pound.  She came home with me and became a beloved member of our family.  I have missed her greatly ever since her death in 1991.  Last week my husband and I brought home a little eight week old tri-colored pup and have fallen deeply in love with Happy (so named because she does make us so very happy).

What a cutie!  Welcome Susan and Gerry!