Namond takes a break during his walk in the woods.

Waiting on his human to recover, no doubt. :)

Sheltie looking back

Ever so patient, Paul!

Buddy came to us at 13 months old from a working farm as a working dog. His new life became that of a papered prince that he was born to be. His gets daily walks, goes skateboarding, hiking all over Saskatchewan Canada, camping and fishing. Buddy does it all.


I never knew just how smart and loving Shelties are till my Buddy came to me!


Welcome to the ‘I spoil my Sheltie Club’, Bonnie-Jean! ;)

Witness the majestic landscape. The blue skies. The lush ravines. The deep, clear waters.

Pretty Shelties named Shadow.  :)

What else would you expect while hiking along the Arkansas River in central Colorado?

Star power for sure, Lum!

Buddy seemed to enjoyed Acadia National Park in Maine as much as we did.  We met so many nice people that always want to pet and play with him.  All ages are attracted to those sweet friendly faces.  He was a very gentle Sheltie ambassador!
 No matter how amazing the view a Sheltie always makes it even more beautiful!
Looks like he had a blast Debbie! :))

“Thirteen year old Belle can’t walk as far as my two larger, slightly younger collies but always wants to come along on our treks on the local dikes.  One day, when she could walk no further, I put her in my backpack; and to my surprise she loved it!  She sat there quite happily, without a wiggle (other than to get her front paws out to gracefully rest over the edge of the pack) for the rest of the hike.“Even when we stopped for a rest, she chose to stay in the pack and was soon fast asleep!”

You can read all about Belle’s big day here.Too cute, Jean!