Kacee is not the only Sheltie who is into kayaking. This is my son Chris and our Sheltie Shilo on the Shubi Canal in Dartmouth, N.S. (We are looking for a lifejacket for her for this summer, though she swims well.)
Kacee Glad you will have a life jacket for her too, Dave!  :)

Here is Kacee & I, kayaking at Cumming Lake during a trip to Canada.  My wife and I adopted Kacee about 2 and a half years ago.  We didn’t know if she would enjoy our hobby too, but she loves to sit in her little cubby and get some new smells out on the water.   Kacee1My wife never thought she would have a dog but Kacee has converted her completely.  How can you not love a Sheltie?Kacee2What’s not to love right, Daniel?  :)