No these wounds were not caused by a leash or a fence, rather a lack of them!

Fences2Fences“Yesterday afternoon Autumn, my mom and I were taking a walk around the neighborhood when a large dog that was loose on its front lawn without a leash or any kind of fence came at us.  (No, it was not a pit-bull and the breed doesn’t matter because unfortunately any breed can have a rotten apple in the bunch.) The owner was in front of their house and the dog was lying in the grass.   There was no barking or any kind of warning before it started running at us and of course nothing to stop it from reaching us.  When I saw the dog come at us all I could do was scoop up Autumn in my arms and turn my back to the other dog.

Fortunately because of that the other dog was only able to bite Autumn’s knee and foot.   The owner was very apologetic and did pay her vet bills.  Autumn will be fine, nothing very serious, and my mom and I were not hurt.”

“I want everyone to know how important it is to have your dog on a leash or fenced, for their safety and the safety of others.  I know we think our furry kids are little angels, but you are taking a risk by not insuring everyone’s safety.

Ultimately the decision is yours and I would hate to see this happen to your dog/cat or anyone else.  Also, get to know about the dogs in your neighborhood and I like for my human neighbors to know Autumn.

There is another benefit I find with my neighbors knowing Autumn when we go for walks.  If she ever accidentally get away from us there would be a better chance of someone who knows her spotting Autumn and getting her back to us.”

Thank you Lisa!

Rylie (from NE Sheltie Rescue) and his younger
“brother” Wallace (a proud Canine Good Citizen) work best in winter weather!
Working_men_1Looks like you need to catch up Jackie S.!