So Shadow took his folks to Florida and got a serious case of the frizzies.  He enjoyed the million new smells, licked oyster shells and chased insect and reptilian wonders.
Finally, a hammock nap with the blue ball.

A trip from Colorado to Florida sounds like a real adventure Lum!  :)

“This is a picture of my Shadow, who has since gone over the rainbow bridge, and my Grandson Lee.  He though playing in Shadow’s crate was so much fun…even falling out and putting that big bump on his head didn’t stop him! I had to bribe Shadow to climb in there with him, as he wasn’t too thrilled to share his space with a wild child.”Very patient Sheltie, Janet!

Bob sent us this cute photo, but it is even cuter when you know the story behind it.

“This picture is of Shadow being being Cocoa’s protector. In this picture, Cocoa is 16 and blind. Shadow would lead her outside and back in and they would sleep together.”  (Cocoa is now a Dauchund Angel.)
ShadowVery, very sweet Bob!