Shelby was a rescue a few years back but we believe that she rescued us, not the other way around.
We were out doing some yard work recently and she decided to go for a ride.
Aren’t rescue Shelties wonderful Tari?

This is Shelby, the Rescue Sheltie!!  He is 4 years old, and adopted me 2 years ago.  He has never had any rescue training, but on Wed. night, 11/24/10, he got help for me!!

I have been having blood pressure problems and my Dr. is trying to regulate it via meds.  He had given me new rx he wanted me to take at night, which I did.  I had been outside with Shelby, and when I walked back into the house, I fainted with no advance symptoms; totally loosing consciousness.

Shelby ran upstairs to my neighbors’ back door, and barked til he woke their dog up, who in turn, woke them up, (it was 1:30 AM).  They looked out, saw Shelby, and knew something was wrong.  When they opened the door, he immediately turned and ran back downstairs, where they found me and called the EMTs.  When they opened their back door, they say he only stopped once on his way back downstairs to look over his shoulder at them, as if to say “are you coming or not?”

I live alone and he is my constant companion, now he is my hero as well!!

What a wonderful story Theresa & we are happy to hear you are OK!