Will says: “the scarf is plenty, thank you very much.”


Apparently Will loves to heard the traffic the parades create from behind his fence line during Mardi Gras.

Fun times, Cece!

When taking out the tree as we traditionally do every year after Thanksgiving, Will gets his hat photo.

Instead of running this year at the sight of the tree, he just sat there and had the look, like…lets get it over with.


Yep I’d say he is thinking that very thing, Cece!

I looked out the window and saw my youngest grandaughter brushing Will. This has never happened; her wanting to do it, or him letting her. They looked so happy together, that I had to snap this. (That coat of his can use all the brushing it can get!)
Shelties never stop surprising us, Constance!

Will loves to herd anything that moves. This photo was taken after he had run the fence line herding the traffic for about 30 minutes. 

Mission accomplished – exercise for the day!

Tired BUT happy, Constance!