Poor Callie, she thought she was a dog.That is a crazy costume Denice! :)

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  1. drs

    Hey Lisa,
    it’s all handmade- yarn, ribbons, felt and a piece of cloth. Callie usually wears a harness and I attached the saddle and saddle blanket to it. ran the tail yarn through the back of the saddle cloth. made the bridle out of brown ribbon and ran a ribbon with the mane yarn from the top of the bridle to the saddle. rolled pieces of felt and glued them to make the saddle by looking at saddle pix on the internet. took about 2.5 weeks in the evenings.

  2. Lisa

    LOve that costume!! How did you make it or where did you buy it. Iam entering my Sheltie in a Halloween costume parade and would love for her to be that. Wonderful

  3. dds

    Oh my gosh–that is so funny!! He looks like a pony too with that costume–very creative. :)

  4. Leslie

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. I died laughing. This is too cute. WHen I first looked at it, I thought it was a pony, and I was like “WHere’s the sheltie int his picture?” Upon further investigation, the pony IS the sheltie!

  5. Amanda

    Aww she is such a good sport :) She is the cutest Shetland sheepony I have ever seen :)


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