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Angel FAQ

Frequently asked Questions

We encourage you to scroll through these most frequently asked questions – if you don’t see your question please contact us at [email protected]

How much will it cost me to create and maintain a pet memorial here?
We believe every Sheltie deserves to be remembered so basic memorials are free. Upgraded memorials that include an additional 8 image photo gallery are offered for a one time fee to help cover hosting costs of your dog’s images. Just click on the Paypal link in the left sidebar to begin the upgrade process after you have created your free memorial.

If you are a current Premium Member on the Sheltie Nation forums,  you are entitled to a free upgrade! (One free upgraded angel listing per Premium Membership.)

I would like to upgrade my angel page to include a photo gallery. How do I do this?
First create you free angel page. Once you have done this, click the paypal button on the left side of the page to pay for your upgrade. Once this is done please email us at [email protected] and include your name, email, the name of your Sheltie angel and attach the .jpg files of the images you would like to include. (Up to 8 images.) We will then add the images to your Sheltie Angel’s page.

We thank you in advance for any upgraded angel page. Each one helps keep this site’s servers up and running for everyone!

I am a Premium Member on the Sheltie Nation forums. How do I upgrade my angel page to include a photo gallery?
To take advantage of the free offer to upgrade your angel page to include a photo gallery, please first create your angel page. Then email us at [email protected]. Please include your forum user name, name of your angel and attach jpg files of the images you would like to include. (Up to 8 photos.) Your premium membership must be in active status to take advantage of this offer.

How long will my pet’s memorial be online?
Sheltie Nation does not remove any memorial unless it is requested by the family or contains inappropriate content. Your memorial stays here for as long as Sheltie Nation is online.

I have already created my memorial, how can I make changes or adjust it?
All dog’s pages will follow the same basic template that includes: area for text, a single photo and the ability for others to leave a “memorial candle” for your Sheltie. If you see an error you would like fixed, just email [email protected] with the details and link to the Sheltie Angel’s page in question and we will fix it for you.

Can somebody else edit my website?
Only the site administrator can make modifications once the memorial is submitted.

Why are there ads on my dog’s page?
We debated long and hard about running our ads on this section of the site. The reality is without the ads, we’d have to charge a fee, and having a free site means that listings can stay up in perpetuity and that everyone can honor their Sheltie angel(s). We will limit advertisers to a limited few and hope you agree that this is a fair compromise.

What If I don’t like some of the messages left by the visitors, what can I do?
All memorials and candles left will all be moderated by a human before going live, so Sheltie Nation can guarantee spam will not make it to anyone’s page. However, if you would like something removed, all you need to do is email us and explain the situation.  Deletion requests must come from the same email as the creator to verify identity.

What if I want to delete my angel’s page?
Just email us at [email protected] with your dog’s information and an explanation. We will then take care of it for you. (You must however email from the account that created the memorial as verification of identity.)

I have already posted my dog’s memorial, however, I still haven’t received my any notifications. What do I do?
Please check the BULK and JUNK folders at your email account.

How can other people access the created website?
Every Angel’s page has a unique link. Just copy and paste the address that appears in the top of your browser.

Why is the memorial candle I left not showing up?
All memorials and candles will be moderated by a human being before going live. This prevents any spam from making to the angle’s page.  It can take up to 48 hours for new memorials, photo gallery upgrades and memorial candles to be reviewed and released. Or, your comment was not kind and compassionate and so was removed. 

Why does it take so long for a memorial candle (guest book) to be posted?
By moderating comments, it also prevents unsolicited spam on your Sheltie’s page. Quite frequently gambling, weight loss, pharmaceuticals (or worse) kinds of websites attempt to send through thousands of solicitation spam through the guest books. A real person will read each comment to verify it is not spam. The guest book comments usually go through within 12 hours but can take up to 48 hours.

Why can’t I add my email address?
Email address cannot be posted within a guest book or anywhere in your memorial. We have no way to verify people are who they say they are so like any website in the world, please protect yourself and do not give out personal information. (Like an email address, phone number or physical address.) However, the system does alert the memorial creator that a candle was lit so they can comment on your candle if they choose.

What if any of the above is not the question I wanted to ask?
Feel free to email us or use the contact us form on the main Sheltie Nation page.


Honor, cherish and share your Sheltie’s story. Create a Sheltie Angel memorial.