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Puppy Homecoming

9 week old “Rookie” is traveling to his new home & holding on tight to his “security duckie.”
So very cute, Terri!  Lucky you!

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  1. Congratulations on your great blog!

  2. What a precious little puppy! He’s got me thinking that I am needing another! Would love to snuggle that sweet boy!

  3. what a cutie!! if only they could stay that little.

  4. Terri What a gorgeous Little bundle of love and joy you have there!! Best of luck with little Rookie.

  5. OMG Rookie you are soooo very cute!!! Welcome to Sheltie Nation.

  6. Thanks for the comments Gail and Susan… We sure are enjoying him! He’s a treasure to our family.

  7. Oh that is so sweet!

  8. Hello Rookie,,,, Welcome to Sheltie Nation. You sure are one cute little boy. We know how happy you make your family.
    Susan, Maggie & Katie

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