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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: When a 4 year old shops…

What do they buy?

Sheltie puppies of course!

Reggie can routinely  be found hiding in my 4yr old’s toys.  I came home from work and found her asleep, and him reclining in her shopping cart!

Love it Kevin!

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  1. So very cute! I went shopping today but the store I was at didn’t carry any Sheltie puppies. Oh so sad!

  2. This is the cutest pic ever

  3. Oh my goodness!! Does my Frequently Unruly Rowdy Sheltie card (FURS) qualify for a two for one offer? (Hurry while supplies last, right?) LOL

  4. So sweet, where can I buy one too.

  5. Oh my gosh – how cute it that?!!!

  6. Reggie you one adorable baby

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