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Sheltie = Bathroom Butler

Nosey Indie!

Sheltie opening bathroom door.

LOL, Gail! He had to push that door open so he could check on you.

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  1. “…………Whatcha doing?” Yeah, we have all learned to live with company, haven’t we?

  2. Indie is a very active bathroom butler! He would do the Peek and Run – can’t get too warm in there. If the doors closed, his fur is sure to show under the door. If he’s inside, he’d keep our bath mat warmed up for us.
    If on The Throne, he’d keep my feet warm!

  3. Thanks for sharing your nosy sheltie with us. He looks so handsome–from the sliver of his body we can see. LOL. Our shelties are just as nosy–must be a sheltie thing!!

  4. Ours peeks at my wife all the time.

  5. I haven’t been “alone with my thoughts” for years! Even if I close the door, there’s fur sticking through under the door because one of my boys is jammed right up against it, as close as he can get. If the door is ajar, it isn’t for long, and often I am expected to throw the ball and give cuddles while I am indisposed. Shelties are funny!

  6. We call our two sheltie girls “Potty Pals” because they can’t stand the notion that someone could be lonely while using the bathroom. Our one girl, Goldie, sometimes will lay right on our feet.

  7. Gail, very funny! Indie is sooo serious. I hear you, I have two and the male Elliott has to stand guard all the time……. Very cute! Good job “nosey Indie”!.

  8. Such a familiar experience! “Hey, what are you doing? Are you going to leave the house from the secret door in the bathroom? I’d want to know about that.”

  9. LOL! Mine are sitting right beside me (when I’m on “The Throne”), gazing up at me like I’m doing the most miraculous thing in the world ;)

  10. To funny!! My Kobe does that to me to.

  11. Cute Gail ! Kelly has to know where we all are at all times and frets when any of us close the door behind her..She is my bathroom buddy !

  12. Wow, is this a familiar sight in my life. Matilda will open the door like that and then walk off to snoop on something else, which leaves all of the nice warm, steamy air right out of the room. So I get out of the shower to a cold room, worse in winter. I tell her “come in and shut the door behind you”, but no way. Peak and run.

  13. LOL Love the picture! What a beauty!!!!!!

  14. You know Gail, we are NEVER out of our Sheltie’s line of sight and yes, they DO think they have to know absolutely everything that goes on in THEIR house! Or, here’s a thought! We walk them on a leash right? Maybe they think turn about is fair play . . . you know, you watch me, I”ll watch you! From only the nose point of view that I can see, Indie looks very handsome. I”m sure he gives you many hours of fun, humor and love.

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