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Vanilla Sheltie!

whitefaceAwe Melissa, Mickey is so handsome!

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  1. Mickey is beautiful! I’ve never heard of vanilla shelties either. I don’t think it’s an actual name. Just something for fun. ; )

  2. How beautiful!!!! I’ve never heard that term “vanilla” sheltie.

  3. Oh Mickey! You are so handsome. I have a ‘vanilla’ faced boy also and the white eyelashes are so adorable… although mine has brown on one side, and blue eyes. He’s a sable merle and I’m wondering if Mickey is too? Just soooo cute!

  4. what a beautiful baby!

  5. I love Mickey. He is so handsome and looks so sweet. We also have a sheltie named Mickey but he is not currently a “vanilla” sheltie. Is your Mickey an older sheltie or has he always had lighter coloring? Thanks for sharing your boy with us. I know you must treasure him. Enjoy cuddling with your lovely sheltie!

  6. I love Mickey’s white nose. He sure looks sweet.

  7. Oh my.. what a beautiful boy!! I love his little white eyelashes!!

  8. What exactly makes one a Vanilla Sheltie?

  9. Mickey appears to be deep in thought. He’s handsome & debonair, too!

  10. Look at that gorgeous little snout! Beautiful boy

  11. Oh, my heavens, all Shelties are exquisite, but Mickey absolutely shines!!! I’d love to take him and cuddle forever!

    Melissa, I’m so glad you’ve got him and know you must treasure him.

  12. AW-w-w Mickey, you just melted my heart. You are without a doubt the MOST handsome gentleman I’ve seen in a long time. Melissa what a great shot of your beautiful furbaby. I think I’m looking at a senior, right? How old is Mickey? As a testament to your wonderful parenting, we can tell this baby has been well loved and cared for all his life. Please give him extra hugs and kisses tonight for me, I would do it myself if I could. I wish Mickey lots of long nights, comfortably curled up in front of the fireplace.

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