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Sheltie Angel…Literally

Ariel helps us all star-t our day off right. :)

Sheltie Angel

Cookies, right Marsha?

Whatever shall I wear for Halloween?!

Happy Halloween Sheltie Nation!

Sheltie Style Snow Angel

Acee makes the most of the 26+ inches that fell in Maryland! Snowangel LOL did she come up for air Anita!?

Sheltie patient persistence

Poor Angel got a little tired of waiting for me to finish my project for work.
Angelsleeping Awe Lauri, how did you ever manage to get anything done!

Shelties are like potato chips…

Top row, left to the right: Ranger, Rosie, Zander, Kiba, Daisy & Brandy.

Bottom row: Dante, Angel, Kodi & Blizzard.
SheltiesHolly cow Amy! That IS a lot of Shelties!