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It’s Finally Here! Sheltie Angels

sableangelblueWe have been working hard behind the scenes this year and are finally ready to roll out the new Sheltie Angels section of Sheltie Nation! It has been a long time coming, but now there is a place where everyone can leave a lasting online memorial to their beloved Sheltie.

It is 100% free to leave a basic memorial. There is also the ability for anyone in this community to leave a memorial candle for anyone else’s angel. Each angel page and all memorial candles will be moderated before release, so there is no chance for spam.  We are also offering a paid upgrade option to include a photo gallery of your angel, if you choose.

It is a brand new section, so there are not a lot of memorials just yet, so please create one! If you have any suggestions, contribution suggestions or general feedback we would love to hear from you.

Sheltie Angel…Literally

Ariel helps us all star-t our day off right. :)

Sheltie Angel

Cookies, right Marsha?

Whatever shall I wear for Halloween?!

Happy Halloween Sheltie Nation!

Sheltie Style Snow Angel

Acee makes the most of the 26+ inches that fell in Maryland! Snowangel LOL did she come up for air Anita!?

Sheltie patient persistence

Poor Angel got a little tired of waiting for me to finish my project for work.
Angelsleeping Awe Lauri, how did you ever manage to get anything done!