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Yummmm….pumpkin cookies!

Autumnbeaters Autumn is a lucky girl Lisa!

Winter is over…but cute pictures keep comin’

Autumn, Tobie, Aurora and Iris took a short break from playing in the snow long enough to pose for a picture with the promise of a cookie.
SnowbunniesBet they miss the white stuff now Lisa!

Sheltie choices are sometimes questionable

Autumn prefers her Dad’s slippers over her comfy dog bed.
Autumn2She is a silly girl, Lisa!

It was those cats –I SWEAR!!!

Autumn pleads her case after trying to steal some puffed rice cereal.

She looks so nonchalant Lisa!

Legendary sports rivalry

“Autumn tries not to pick sides when baseball season is in progress – and you can see why from the team pillows in our house.”She has her paw on the Red Sox & her back to the Yankees, so I’d say she HAS picked her team Lisa.  ;)  LOL…Good girl Autumn!