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A Sheltie’s Guilty Pleasure

Charlie LOVES his soccer ball! Charliesoccer What a fun photo Adina!

A Sheltie’s 2nd best friend

Coty poses…but I’m sure is more eager to give chase!Beautiful photo Shelia!

Does any Sheltie not like a soccer ball?

Nope, not this one.  Arnie is clearly a happy boy!ArnieWelcome to Sheltie Nation, Terry & Karen!

A face that could bring world peace…

Soccer_dogWelcome to Sheltie Nation, Scott & little Griffin!

Sheltie deep thoughts…

This is Mitzy, pondering her soccer ball.  She is considering if it is worthy of herding… or not. Better to use telepathy and intellect rather than possibly aimlessly chasing it, right?MitzyThanks to Suzanne!