“All the running…and jumping…and dirt…and sand…and water. And
what is it with all the time bringing back stuff that was obviously
thrown away? Forget it. Retrievers suck. I’m going home.”
67231964_89cf5e28deI couldn’t have said it better myself.  :)  Thanks to Gina (Drew’s Mom) & Don

3 Responses to “Retrieve This!”

  1. Lisa

    What a cute guy! I must say though my youngest sheltie grew up with a Retriever and she does like to retrieve, tho if he is outside with her she lets him retrieve and she “herds” him back to my- nice big outruns and very sassy about it!

  2. Gina

    Drew is the best Sheltie buddy ever. And yes, he lives with three retrievers, poor boy. … Gina (Drew’s mom)


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