Abby’s heart is twenty times bigger than she is.  And she’s given us more joy and happiness than we could ever give back.137047627_a2a5466f14Well said, Jody

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  1. Lea and " HUNNY "

    I had a border collie she passed in Feb. 2009 We were ARE lost without her, but I went to the Human Society and for Hunny, my sheltie in May 2009 and I am so happy with her and she with me. Hunny is 7 yrs and was in the same home all her life but they perferred a terrier to her, and I felt she needed a good & loving home to finish out her life, so after 2 hours I went back to get her. AND I am not regretting one moment of my choice & neither is she, her tail is back to standing on her back and I no she is happy.

  2. Debbie

    Thoughts are with you. Shelties know how to get deep into our souls. Thanks for the sweet pictures. She was beautiful.

  3. Marsha

    Sorry to hear Abby passed away after 15 years,.
    I enjoyed the cute picture of her with the sweet expression.. thanks for sharing.

  4. Jody

    I’m sorry to say that Abby passed away today, 9/7/6.
    We had almost 15 great years with our dear angel.
    Thank you for showcasing her. She really was so special.


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