Apparently Haggis feels it is his duty to guard mom while she uses the “facilities”.   There must be a Sheltie gene for this trait as almost every Sheltie *I* know does the same thing.  (Although Haggis does not have that watcha doin’ expression….it’s more like, I know watcha doin’ & I’m not lookin’!)
LOL Julie!

5 Responses to “Bathrooms require guarding…”

  1. Leah

    Wow, and I thought it was just me… Every Sheltie I’ve ever had feels the need to do this!! Guess it just one of their many adorable qwirks.

  2. Lindsay

    I guess its a sheltie thing! Anytime I go to the bathroom to shower or anything Daisy is right behind me…never fails!

  3. Josh

    My Goliath does the exact same thing. The bathroom door doesn’t close securely, so even if I shut him out, he still feels the need to guard me and will push his way in. Same when I’m in the shower. I’ve learnt to nudge him aside from the bathroom mat when I’m ready to get out.

  4. Jo

    Awww so cute. Collies do the same thing! Id much prefer sharing the room with a Sheltie tho, collies take up the entire floor space!

  5. Krista

    I see that Haggis brought his toy in, probably in the hopes his mom would throw it since her hands were free. My parent’s shelties would regularly search the house for my Dad. The bathroom was the first place they looked.


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