What are YOU doing this holiday weekend?  Don’t you wish you were invited?

In the photo: The Chef is “Nickey” (a previous rescue). Laying down in front
is the blue merle “Cheyenne” – who is 17 years old!  At the table starting from Left to right: Bi-black “Jake”(with ball in front of him – because he’s all about the ball!.) Behind him is “Bailey”. In back the other Bi-black is “Ellie”. Next to her is the oversized beauty “Jenny” and in front of Jenny is her mother and retired Champion “Abby” .

Labor Day thanks to Holly F. & the Kennebec Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club & Rescue 

2 Responses to “Grillmaster Sheltie”

  1. jeanette

    This is such a cute pic…. Be nice if they were actually cooking so we can take their food from them for a change. !!! Only if its a steak

  2. Luciana & Dallas

    OMG, this is so pretty! I wish I could have that many shelties *lol*
    But I just got “permission” now to have my second one! Yay! :o)


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