Halloween is over people!  No more Shelties in costume.

What?  Hey, what is this?

O.M.G.   …You have got to be kidding me… a Guinea Pig breed type called the “Sheltie”?
The Sheltie is a long-haired variety of guinea pig. In the early 1970’s the breed was developed by crossing Peruvians with Self (smooth) Blacks. In the US Shelties are known as ‘Silkies’.
153337173_ef9410b5eeGo figure!   Photo credit to Dutchsm

2 Responses to “Guinea…Sheltie?”

  1. Luciana, Dallas & Logan

    Gee… *LOL* soon you will see one that looks like a poodle… (if they already don’t have that)
    That is just so weird. Looks like a rat that stole a Sheltie’s fur. Or maybe he is a mop… Hahaha. Sorry… I look to the pic and think it’s funny. :oD


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