Ok people, here is the proof.  There isn’t just one – but several Shelties in the water!  Granted, the audio isn’t in English, but “Sheltie” is a universal language.

You saw it here  ;)

4 Responses to “Video Proof…Shelties Swim!”

  1. Hoa Ly

    They are speaking Cantonese. What I can make out they are saying come here hurry and good doggies.

  2. Brenda

    Our current sheltie is our fourth and she is the only one who has ever been in deep water….she fell off a log when she was about 4 months old into shallow water and climbed out immediately. At 6 months she again fell off a log but into deep water…she clung to the end of the log in the deep water until I gave up and dove in clothes and all to bring her back to shore. Swim? Not my girl!

  3. Marsha

    Awesome!! But then again I never knew Shelties were fearful of water.. probably because we can’t seem to keep our Chelsie out of the pool/pond! Unless we say “Bath?”


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