I’m sure you all have been wondering just how cute Trevor was as a pup? :) As if he couldn’t get any cuter at 8 weeks old, here he is using his water dish as a pillow.

6 Responses to “One in a million Sheltie”

  1. Cookie

    I know what you mean Kelly. My sheltie pup is going to be turn 3 soon and I regret not being more diligent in the puppy photo taking. I didn’t realize my little sheltie would grow so big so fast.

  2. Stephanie Vinson

    Trevor picture as a pup is so adorable. Shelties just have that personality to look so cute. I wonder what he’s dreaming about.

  3. Kelly

    Hi Cookie! Glad you like the photo of Trevor…it is one of our favorites. It feels just like yesterday that he was just a mear pup, but Trevor just turned 8 this year! Time flies. Trevor is a retired therapy dog, so he is very easy going…except when his little “brother” Toby is bugging him!

  4. Cookie

    Puppy Trevor is much too adorable! I love looking at this photo all the time (at least twice a day). Please post more wonderful photos just like this. He must have such an easy-going personality.


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