MedianlI don’t know about your Shelties, but mine can be hard on toys.  Well, I take that back…until Toby came along, Trevor wasn’t hard on his toys.  Like any sibling rivalry, they are always fighting over the same one.  As a result, we have had many, many casualties.   

One item that has stood the test has been the Hover Craft  by Ruffwear.  Technically not designed to be a tug toy, it does however stand up to some hard abuse while being easy on your dogs teeth and gums.  Made from laminated ballistic nylon, it holds up to repeated high speed Sheltie catches…and it floats!

MedianlThe Hover Craft is lightweight and easy to clean, but it is not designed to be chewed upon. A dog can remove pieces of the laminate if they are so inclined.  In other words, if you dog likes to chew, this toy is best put on the shelf when not in use.

It comes in a 6″ or 9″ size and comes in two cool colors – an added bonus when trying to locate that “whoops” toss!  The reflective trim is constructed from a heavy nylon webbing – making it easy for your pooch to grab & hang on. 

(Trevor is shown with the 9″ older style that doesn’t have the neat new
features like the foam core, bright color & refective trim…but its still going strong!)

Trevor & Toby give the Hover Craft four paws up!

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