• Make sure your Sheltie is wearing a collar and ID tag, be sure it includes your current telephone number or the number of your vet.
  • Have your Sheltie microchipped. Microchips provide a permanent, non-changeable or removable means of identification that will not be lost over time, as can occur with tags and tattoos. Owner information is immediately accessible, ensuring the rapid return of a lost dog.  But be sure it is always kept current!
  •  Don’t leave your Sheltie unattended in public places. You may be away only moments but that’s all it takes for your dog to go missing. Dogs tied outside shops, left inside vehicles and at public events are easy targets.
  • Ensure your garden is secure and be vigilant – sadly, it’s not rare for a dog to be stolen from it’s own back yard.
  • When visitors stay, ensure they know to shut windows and doors.
  • Keep an eye on your Sheltie if you let off leash-don’t let him/her run too far ahead and out of your sight, this is especially important if they do not always come back when you call.
  • Keep several up to date color photographs of your Sheltie and note down any distinguishing marks, & microchip information so if you do lose them, you are ready to go with the details.

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